About the Programme


FactShala Ambassador Programme, is run by DataLEADS in collaboration with The Poynter Institute for Media Studies and its digital media literacy program MediaWise with support from Google News Initiative. It is an initiative to enhance the voice of media literacy in India by empowering people of all age groups to become more critical consumers of content online.

In an era of abundant misinformation the Ambassadors will provide invaluable resources and offer knowledge and insights to sort fact from fiction online and slow the spread of misinformation – an opportunity to drive positive change within the community.

Eminent media personalities including journalists and editors will be part of this programme. They will bring in their expertise and wealth of knowledge to combat misinformation, impart in-depth training in media literacy and critical thinking skills, in India.

Meet Our Ambassador

ritu – 1

“In a country as diverse as India, the FactShala Ambassador Programme stands as a beacon, reaching, engaging and empowering individuals to champion media literacy.”


Ritu Kapur

Co-Founder & Managing Director, The Quint

Join the Movement

The FactShala Ambassador Programme is more than just a programme; it’s a movement to combat misinformation and promote media literacy. Join us in this journey to create a world where people are critical thinkers and discerning consumers of news and information. 


MediaWise is a renowned initiative by the Poynter Institute, a leading nonprofit journalism organization. MediaWise is dedicated to helping people of all ages become more critical consumers of news and information, with a particular focus on young audiences.


FactShala is a media and information literacy programme run by DataLEADS, with support from the Google News Initiative. The programme empowers individuals across India with ethical approaches to information literacy and critical thinking skills, to be able to sift facts from misinformation.