FactShala Innovation  Lab

A six-month programme to incubate media literacy interventions
Ten organisations joined the media literacy incubation programme by FactShala that worked on innovative media & information literacy interventions ranging from media literacy curriculum, courses, dramas and games related to issues of critical and informed consumption of information. Through this programme we aimed to strengthen the discourse on Media literacy by incorporating multiple narratives that cater to different regional audiences and build resilience in them to take control of their information consumption.
Here is a series of stories capturing the journey of the Cohort.

We are excited to introduce the 10 individuals representing their organisations that will be participating in the FactShala Innovation Lab:


An engaging online information literacy course as an ed-tech intervention.


A captivating “Voter Literacy” video series, aimed at imparting critical thinking skills and providing valuable insights into how the Indian polity operates

Factcheck in Agriculture

A news portal dedicated exclusively to agriculture, along with agriculture datasets and information literacy video content tailored to the needs of the farming community.


A Media literacy curriculum for schools in conflict regions, with a special focus on Arunachal Pradesh.

Bewakoof Samajha Hai Kya

A fictional video series with regional context about media and information literacy for the local audience of the Purwanchal region.

The Adventures of Mr. Jaldbaaz & Ms. Hadbadi

Comic books addressing the challenges of misinformation through a comic story to engage young minds.

Gender Disinformation

A bilingual YouTube video series on gender-based disinformation.

Be with us on this incredible journey as we witness the birth of pioneering media literacy interventions. Stay tuned for updates and exciting developments from the FactShala Innovation Lab.