FactShala Innovation  Lab

A six-month programme to incubate media literacy interventions

24th May 2023 – 24th November 2023

FactShala Innovation Lab:  A six month programme launched with the aim to help build capacity of media and community organisations to incubate unique and innovative media literacy interventions. The programme will offer learning strategies towards creating meaningful and sustainable implementation plans for improving critical thinking skills and information literacy competencies.

We are thrilled to announce 10 accomplished participants from diverse organisations to be part of this transformative journey. During the six months period, the selected organisations will work to develop and design innovative media literacy intervention prototypes. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise will fuel the creation of impactful solutions that empower individuals to navigate the complex world of information with discernment and critical thinking.

We are excited to introduce the 10 individuals representing their organisations that will be participating in the FactShala Innovation Lab:

TQ Logo

The Quint, represented by Naman Shah

A digital media company will develop a series of guides on how to tackle online fraud and impart critical thinking skills to help users identify and protect themselves from scams.


Tattle Civic Tech, represented by Yash Budhwar

A citizen-centered tools and datasets company will be creating an adaptive digital card game that focuses on sharing news on the Internet. By using gamification, Tattle aims to contribute valuable insights to media literacy intervention.


Citizen Digital Foundation, represented by Nidhi Sudhan

A not-for-profit organization focused on digital and media literacy will be developing an engaging online information literacy course as an ed-tech intervention.

NW.Studio LOGO - Anubha Bhonsle

Newsworthy, Sumud Media, represented by Pallavi Prasad

A broadcast media production will be developing a captivating “Voter Literacy” series through engaging videos and informative infographics, aimed at imparting critical thinking skills and providing valuable insights into how the Indian polity operates.

Old Logo - Ngurang Reena

Ngurang Learning Institute represented by Ngurang Reena

A not-for-profit working towards literacy initiatives in Arunachal Pradesh will focus on developing a comprehensive  public policy framework on media literacy specifically for Arunachal Pradesh.

Main Media Logo - TANZIL ASIF

Main Media, represented by Tanzil Asif

A hyperlocal news platform will create a range of awareness materials on information literacy including impactful videos, eye-catching posters, and informative booklets, reaching out to the residents of six districts in the Seemanchal-Kosi region of Bihar.

Logo-1-01 - Krishna Karki

Krishi Jagran represented by Krishna Karki

A news portal dedicated exclusively to agriculture, will build an agriculture dataset and develop information literacy video content tailored to the needs of the farming community.

logo copy1 - sharad sharma

World Comics India represented by Sharad Sharma

An organisation that promotes the use of Grassroots Comics will craft an engaging series that combines comic content and storytelling illustrations on media and information literacy.

Full-logo-colour - Alvira Ahmed

Feminism in India represented by Ritika

An award-winning intersectional feminist platform will work on a bilingual YouTube video series that delves into gender-based misinformation.

The Viral Company represented by Antara Bose

A storytelling platform will develop a series of media literacy videos with humorous fictional elements and a storyline that propagates critical thinking and bias awareness.

Be with us on this incredible journey as we witness the birth of pioneering media literacy interventions. Stay tuned for updates and exciting developments from the FactShala Innovation Lab.