Pan-India FactShala Trainings

FactShala India Media Literacy Network’s trainers – a passionate team of journalists, media educators, fact-checkers, non-profit workers and community radio stations who have come together to fight the misinformation menace – are on a mission to empower communities around them with media and information literacy approaches and critical thinking skills to help them to tackle information overload.

So far, the trainings were held both online and in person (sometimes hybrid) in more than 15+ languages and dialects by a core group of 253 trainers and reached underserved communities like sex workers, LGBT community, refugee camps, women self groups, medical workers, tea garden workers, local government staff, school and college teachers, cleaning staff, domestic abuse survivors, differently abled community, religious leaders, rural teachers, grassroot environment activist and reporters, housewives and pensioners among many others. There was special focus on reaching women and underserved communities.

The trainings were organised by a group of 253 trainers – comprising journalists, fact-checkers, media faculty members, non profit workers, community and civil society thought leaders and community radio representatives – who were selected out of hundreds of applicants and trained by Factshala and its partners.

Here are glimpses of some of the trainings: