FactShala Zonal Hub

A Pan India Student Media Literacy Initiative

India’s largest news and information literacy programme, FactShala, is delighted to announce the establishment of FactShala Zonal Hubs. It is a Pan India initiative aimed at empowering students and fostering critical thinking skills and institutionalising the media literacy initiative in different regions/zones of India. FactShala Zonal Hubs are an extension to FactShala’s commitments to empowering individuals and communities in building resilience against misinformation.

Univ / Institutes

Six universities/institutes from five zones will lead this programme in their own regions.

By establishing student-led media literacy and Fact Checking network, FactShala Zonal Hubs will provide a platform for educational institutions to lead media literacy initiatives within their respective regions, fostering a culture of critical thinking and information literacy. Through these collaborations, FactShala Zonal Hubs will work towards institutionalizing media literacy initiatives and enhancing the capacities of participating institutions in the media literacy landscape. The programme aims to harness India’s demographic dividend by channeling the energy of university students to prepare different regions of the country for a robust information ecosystem.


Keep watching this space to know more details about this programme.

FactShala has established its Zonal hubs in partnership with prestigious colleges across India